from by Rob Barnett

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Inspired by my summer job of trapping squirrels and John Eldredge's "Wild at Heart"


Like the creatures that nest underground
We’re hiding in holes
And we only come out on vacation twice a year to feed our starving souls
When is the last time we watched the sun rise?
We don’t want to
Because its daily light shows us
There’s more life
Above the dirt and rocks that shelter our heads
Can you remember the when you last walked outside?
Not because it was your scheduled time
But because you wanted to
Did you see anything?
Just soybeans and weeds
Cultivated land that man can’t properly maintain
Is that why you crawled back underground?
Everyone is digging holes to live in
Because the ground above is way too open
For miles and miles it all looks the same
This land is too predictable
We think we live in cathedrals and caves
But our homes are mere holes
In the middle of desert plains
When will we believe again
That far from here is a high and dangerous mountain
Whose peak’s name is “Life Abundant”
We could daily watch the sun rise
Exposing all of the life on the ground below
And at our ethereal level
We could nightly listen to the sun’s descent
Painting poems across the sky
Promising tomorrows life
Quit existing
Like the cowardly burrowing animals
Who hide safe and sound in their tiny holes underground
Chose to start living
In an unpredictable adventure
Like the heavenly being
You were predestined to be


from There Is Hope, released August 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Rob Barnett Springfield, Illinois

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