There Is Hope

by Rob Barnett

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released August 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Rob Barnett Springfield, Illinois

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Track Name: Live
Like the creatures that nest underground
We’re hiding in holes
And we only come out on vacation twice a year to feed our starving souls
When is the last time we watched the sun rise?
We don’t want to
Because its daily light shows us
There’s more life
Above the dirt and rocks that shelter our heads
Can you remember the when you last walked outside?
Not because it was your scheduled time
But because you wanted to
Did you see anything?
Just soybeans and weeds
Cultivated land that man can’t properly maintain
Is that why you crawled back underground?
Everyone is digging holes to live in
Because the ground above is way too open
For miles and miles it all looks the same
This land is too predictable
We think we live in cathedrals and caves
But our homes are mere holes
In the middle of desert plains
When will we believe again
That far from here is a high and dangerous mountain
Whose peak’s name is “Life Abundant”
We could daily watch the sun rise
Exposing all of the life on the ground below
And at our ethereal level
We could nightly listen to the sun’s descent
Painting poems across the sky
Promising tomorrows life
Quit existing
Like the cowardly burrowing animals
Who hide safe and sound in their tiny holes underground
Chose to start living
In an unpredictable adventure
Like the heavenly being
You were predestined to be
Track Name: Precious Seeds
I don’t waste the tears you give to me
They are precious and valuable
My most expensive seeds
Purchased with the currencies
Of heartbreak and loneliness
Depression and defeat
But each one will be worth it
When it’s planted and bloomed
Just look in the garden and see
I’ve already begun the planting
I’ve watered your tears with mine
My voice has been their sunshine
Do you see these wonderful buds
Do you know what they’ll become
A perfect picture of me
Not all your tears have been sown
I’m still working the soil
I’m pulling out the weeds
I’m still buying more seed
But don’t lose heart my love
I’ve got wonderful plans for this garden
Perfectly lovely
Its joy beyond your dreams
Smell, taste, touch, and see
Experience my beauty
Track Name: The Demon, the Deceived, the Divine
(the Demon)
Your words were meant to be unheard
Your silence could never be more pleasing
No one wants to know
You’re a worthless wreck, you’re so absurd
I’m here to bring you anguish without ceasing
I am all you know
I’ll kiss your lips, you’ll know my taste
I am so addicting
Understand I’m here to stay

(the Deceived)
I’m addicted to your bitter taste
The flavor of your nicotine is oh so disgusting
I’m dying to scream
But to open up is such a waste
When my callused heart is oh so untrusting
So I’ll keep my lips sealed to yours
Your blatant kiss marks my face
It’s such a heavy burden
I would die to take it away

(the Divine)
I listen to your every word
I hear your crying and your pleading
I want you to know
I placed my image in your heart
So I’ll pursue you without ceasing
Your worth everything
My blatant kiss, it marks your face
I'm lifting up your burden
Understand I’m here to stay
Track Name: Healing Takes More Than A Day
Healing takes more than a day
But no matter how long the pain stays
Know He loves you so much
ANd know that love is more than enough
He knows the afflictions of your soul
he made your afflictions his own
let his heart put yours at ease
as you hear his songs of jubilee
watch as gladness leads his dance
gracefully guiding hol(e)y feet and hands
though skepticism your trials justify
please Please! dont let your hope die
because his love is beyond reason
even amid this onerous season
its time for mourning and sowing
and waiting and growing
continue weeping into his fertile chest
and soon you will have a joyful harvest
healing takes more than a day
and through the night this pain will stay
but don't give up when mo(u)rning comes
let your day be enlivened by the Son
Bask in his heart, continue to heal
More of his perfect love will be revealed
Track Name: There is Hope
We desperate attention cravers
Searching in adulterous misbehaviors
For some sense of trust
Affection and love
To replace our lust
But it's never enough
We need to hear that there's hope
for our needy souls
And we will find true love
And someday be made whole

We lost ones full of anger
Hating family, friends, and strangers
For not giving us
All that we want
For caring too much
Showing us love
We need to hear that there's hope
for our needy souls
And we will give true love
And someday be made whole

We will never find hope anywhere
Until we decide hope is there
Even though we can't see past our despair
We will choose to believe there's hope to share

We stubborn, lazy fools
It's time for us to up and move
To seek with our hearts
For genuine Love
Knowing it's hard
But not giving up
We need to hear that there's hope
for our needy souls
And we will know true love
And someday be made whole